Our fees

Scale of fees

Please note that no registration fee will be charged for Au Pairs, Returning Au Pairs or Nannies.

Au Pair

Up to 3 months: £350.00
3 - 6 months: £600.00
6 - 9 months: £800.00
9 -12 months: £950.00


Returning Au Pair / Companion

Up to 3 months: £450.00
3 - 6 months: £700.00
6 - 9 months: £900.00
9 - 12 months: £1050.00

Nanny (live in or out)

Over 6 months: 6 x nanny's weekly net salary
Less than 6 months: 3 x nanny's weekly net salary             
Temporary full day: £30.00 per day or £120.00 per week
Temporary half day: £15.00 per day or £60.00 per week


Ad hoc help for the elderly: £250.00

Ad hoc babysitter annual subscription: £250.00
Dog walker: £150.00

House sitter: £100:00

Classroom assistant: £50.00

Events staff: for half day £15.00 or £60.00 for a week OR for full day £30.00 or £120.00 for a week

Placement Fees for Au pairs, Returning Au pairs and Nannies

The invoice is always payable prior to the applicant’s arrival, and subject to payment terms stipulated in our terms.

Our placement fees are based on the placement duration and skills/childcare experience of the applicant. 

The placement fee quoted above reflects the maximum availability of the applicant as confirmed on their profile upon introduction.

Au pair Placement Extensions

Many applicants extend their agreed placement duration with their host family/employer.

It is your duty as a host family/employer to inform our agency of such extension, in which case the difference in the placement fee categories will become due. E.g. if you have confirmed an au pair for a period of 6 months, and they stay for 12 months, the difference between the two fee categories would be due.


Safe & Easy Payment 

A separate invoice detailing the final fee is issued upon placement confirmation.

We ask that you settle the invoice by bank transfer (details supplied upon invoicing).

We do not accept cheques.