Terms & conditions of Business of Swedish Connection Au pair & Nanny Agency Ltd (“The Agency”)

Before applying to the Swedish Connection au pair programme, it is important that you understand how we work and what expectations you can have of us. We ask you to read the following carefully before submitting your application.

Submission of a filled in application form constitutes acceptance of the Agency’s Terms and Conditions of Business.

1) Definitions:
In these terms and conditions and in all contracts to which these terms and conditions apply:
a) “The Agency” shall mean Swedish Connection Au Pair and Nanny Agency Ltd, 84 Fitzjohn Avenue, Barnet, Herts EN5 2HW, United Kingdom.
b) “The Candidate” shall mean any individual whose services are supplied or offered by the Agency to the Family or the Client.
c) “The Family” or “The Client” shall mean any individual to whom or any firm or company to which the Agency shall supply or offer to supply services of an Au Pair, Returning Au pair or Nanny.

2) Becoming an au pair with Swedish Connection

Swedish Connection matches au pairs to host families via our partner agencies located around the world. We will help you throughout the application process and ensure that you are well prepared before you embark on your au pair adventure. 
3) Our services

We provide a service which includes; helping you with your application, arranging a placement via one of our partner agencies with a host family in the country of your choice and offering support throughout your stay. We work closely with our partner agencies and adhere to their requirements.


Your application will consist of the Swedish Connection application form, your CV, photos, a 'dear family' letter, two references, school grades, police report and medical certificate. We also ask for a copy of your passport and drivers license, if necessary. You are responsible for submitting the correct information when completing your application. To be placed as an au pair, your application must be approved by both Swedish Connection and our partner agency in the country you have applied to. There is no guarantee that your application will be approved.


Once we have received your application, we will contact you to book a time for an interview. During the interview we will get to know you, we will talk about both your expectations and ours and you will have the chance to ask any questions. 


When your application is complete, and we have checked your references, we will send your application to our trusted partner agency and they will begin matching you with suitable host families in your chosen country. 

We will do our best to match you with suitable host families who fulfil your wishes. However, it is not certain that we can meet all of your expectations. After interviewing with host families, you will be informed of any job offers. You then decide who to say yes to.

Once you have agreed to a host family, you will enter into an agreement with the host family through Swedish Connections in-country partner agency. The agreement will include information about the start date, number of hours you will work and what pocket money you will receive. If you would like to change family during your au pair stay, you must report this to our partner agency and they will do their best to help you.


4) Our responsibility

Swedish Connections responsibility for you applies only during the application process, until you have been matched with a host family, but not during your placement. We are responsible for helping you through the application process, helping with practical preparations for your departure (e.g. applying for a visa, booking flights, packing list with information on what you should bring with you, etc). 


Swedish Connection has no responsibility for you during your placement. By applying to become an au pair with Swedish Connection, you understand that Swedish Connection cannot be held responsible for the actions of the host family or our partner agencies and under no circumstances should Swedish Connection be liable for any loss, damage or claim that arises in connection with your au pair placement.


Despite this, you are always welcome to contact us for advice and support throughout your au pair placement and after your return. 

5) Payment of program fee

The programme fee is payable when you have accepted an offer by a host family to become their next au pair. An invoice will be sent to your email that you specified in your application. Payments must be made according to the instructions on the invoice and are non-refundable.

6) Other expenses

There are other costs involved when becoming an au pair. E.g. cost of police extract, health check, visa, insurance and flights. These costs are made directly to the respective authorities and are not the responsibility of Swedish Connection.

7) Handling of personal data

By using Swedish Connections services, you agree and consent to the collection and use of your personal data, in accordance with these general terms and conditions and our privacy policy. You can revoke your consent and use of your personal data. The information you provide to us by submitting an application will be shared with our partner agencies and host families.

We may ask to share photos and other material that you send us on social media or on the website. Of course, we will ask for your consent before doing so.

We are responsible for processing personal data in accordance with current legislation.

Furthermore, we are responsible for taking the technical and organizational measures required to protect personal data.


The purpose of our handling of personal data is to:

  • Fulfill our contractual and legal obligations

  • Provide and administer your access to our services

  • Provide you with information or direct marketing via email or phone

  • Prevent and limit abuse of the service


We will not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disclose personal information beyond what is stated in these general terms and conditions, unless we are obliged to do so as a result of legal obligation or if we have first obtained your consent. If there is a suspicion that you have committed a crime in connection with the use of the service, information may, upon request, be disclosed to authorities. We may also, after a balance of interests, choose to disclose information to others if it is necessary to prevent crime, or if the information is necessary to clarify specific disputes about advertising objects.

Your personal data is not stored longer than is necessary to be able to fulfill the purposes of the process as described in these general terms and conditions.

You have the right to request that we either correct or delete personal data in accordance with what is stated in applicable law.

8) Insurance

Swedish Connection recommends you have a valid insurance during your time as an au pair. If there are any questions about an insurance or any claims for insurance compensation, you should always contact the insurance company directly.

We can help to provide suggestions for insurance policies available for au pairs. Please note, Swedish Connection is not an insurance broker and we do not take any responsibility for what is included in the insurance policy. It is up to you to check what the insurance covers and any questions about the insurance should always be asked directly to the insurance company. 


9) Force Majeure

Swedish Connection may suspend the services if obstacles arise due to a circumstance that Swedish Connection has no control over (a so-called force majeure event). Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, war, natural disasters, fires, lightning strikes, terrorist attacks, changes in government regulations, or anything else beyond Swedish Connections control. Swedish Connection is completely free from financial consequences should a force majeure event occur.


10) Other

Swedish Connection strives for the information on our website, advertisements and other marketing material to be correct and up-to-date. We reserve the right to change or update the information on the website at any time. We also reserve the right that information on the website is not up to date and for changes made by our partner agencies, which Swedish Connection cannot control or has not received information about.