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Have you always dreamed about living the life down under? Becoming an au pair in Australia will give you the unique opportunity of experiencing life as a local, on the other side of the world!

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Broaden your horizons and experience life as an au pair in America! You will be welcomed into a host family and have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in American culture. With infamous cities, beautiful coastlines and nature galore, it's a great place to spend a year working as an au pair! 

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Our original Swedish Connection destination - London! London remains one of the most diverse and unique cities in the world! A fantastic place to spend your time as an au pair. Due to brexit and new restrictions, we are currently only able to place au pairs who hold a pre-settled status. 

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Experience the world as an au pair with Swedish Connection! Decide on your dream destination to become an au pair and let us match you with your host family.  

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New Zealand

New Zealand is known as one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. With almost 15% of the population being Māori, New Zealand has an abundance of culture to share. 

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The globe's second-biggest country makes an excellent destination to become an au pair. It has an endless variety of landscapes; mountain ranges, glaciers, rainforests and remote beaches, as well as vibrant and cosmopolitan cities!

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Au pair in Sweden! This is the perfect opportunity to combine living and working in Sweden. You will be integrated into Swedish family life, immersed in Scandi culture and have the opportunity to learn and practise your Swedish language. 

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Au pair in France - Home to vibrant cities, beautiful landscapes, food and culture. Whether you choose to live in Paris, the South of France or elsewhere, you will be sure to gain a valuable experience abroad, make new friends and improve your language skills.

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Experience the warm and welcoming hospitality of the Spanish. Known for its warmer climates, beautiful beaches and lively cities, what better place to spend your time as an au pair. You will improve your Spanish language skills, whilst getting to know Spain as a local.   

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Have you ever dreamed of living in Italy? Best known for its stunning landscapes, friendly people, and of course, the food! You will have the opportunity to live life as a local and visit Italy's many iconic destinations in your free time.

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Au pair in Ireland - A fantastic opportunity to improve your English, make new friends and experience the unique Irish way of life! 

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The official languages in Switzerland are Italian, French and German - the perfect chance to gain a wider understanding of all three languages. 

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We offer au pair placements across Germany. Known for its bustling cities and many festivals, Germany has a thriving young, international community ready for you to tap into! 

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