• sophia787

EU nannies post Brexit

As an au pair and nanny agency specialising in Swedish candidates, we are following the developments in post Brexit, immigration and visas very closely.

Those EU citizens already living in the UK before end of December 2020 have been able to apply for Settled and Pre-Settled status, giving them the right to remain in the UK, with a possibility of staying here indefinitely.

Nannies moving to the UK to work post Brexit, now need a visa. Visas have been revised and the main visa is now the Skilled Worker Visa. Nannies have been recognised as Skilled Workers within a sector where there is currently a skills shortage. This means nannies should be eligible for a Skilled Worker Visa in the UK. However, the sponsor license needed to employ foreign skilled workers can only be applied for by businesses. Kevin Foster MP, Minister for Future Borders and Immigration, confirms that individuals and households cannot be licensed to sponsor workers. So, it is not yet clear how sponsorship is open to private employing families.

Whilst we await clarification from the government on this issue, we remain hopeful that this is a temporary oversight. It is private employers, not companies and organizations, which hire nannies and will need to sponsor nannies' visas.

We hope that in the near future, the process of applying for a Skilled Worker Visa and engaging top bilingual nannies from the EU will become both possible and more straight forward.

We will share any updates ASAP!